Jewish Clipart Graphic Artists / Illustrators

Why should you donate Jewish clipart to the Jewish Clipart Database?

When a user views your Jewish clipart, your name will appear right beside it. By clicking on your name, a pop-up box will be displayed with your contact information (including a website if you have one).

If you do not have a website to display samples of your work, this is a great opportunity to show your graphics and let people around the world know that you are available for paid graphic work.

If you already have a website, the publicity and visitors you would get from The Jewish Clipart Database would make the donation worthwhile.

Why would users contact you for paid services if the Jewish Clipart Database is free?

The answer is simple: Needing a graphic for a school project or a newsletter is one thing. Designing a website or designing graphics for a company brochure or flyer is another. The free clipart can lead to a business project or job.

What do you need to send?

The minimum donation to be listed in the database is 6 original (JPG or GIF) graphics. Three basic sizes are needed for the database (small=120x120, medium=180x180, large=400x400). The large graphic (400x400) should not exceed 200 kb.

All graphics must be your own creation with rights reserved. They can not be part of a package of graphics or group of graphics that is distributed or sold.

The free donation of the graphics to The Jewish Clipart Database is as freeware, in return for publicizing your name and contact information in the database.

The opportunity to show everyone your talents and to be part of this global project is just a click away.

Please fill out and attach the message below to an email with any graphics you send me. The minimum donation is 3 graphics x the 3 sizes for a total of 9 graphics.

Please follow the directions so that your work and contact information can be added quickly & smoothly to the database.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and receiving your work.

Have a great day,

Cut and Paste the message below to a plain text email message. Attach your graphics as binary or zipped format.

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To: Jacob Richman - The Jewish Clipart Database ( Owner

From: Your Full Name
Email: Your email address 

Subject: Donation to The Jewish Clipart Database

Attached to this email are graphics that I have created
and that I am donating to The Jewish Clipart
Database. The donation is free and non-reversible.
In return, The Jewish Clipart
Database will make them available as 
freeware on The Jewish Clipart
Database and publicize my name (and contact 
information via a pop-up window) with each detailed display 
of my graphics.

The Jewish Clipart
Database will inform users on the search entrance that all 
graphics are freeware for non-commercial use. The message will
indicate that the graphics can not be used on the Internet and 
can not be sold or re-distributed in any form. 

I understand that The Jewish Clipart
Database and Jacob Richman will not be 
held responsible for the way that the graphic is used by those 
that download it.

All graphics are my own creation with rights reserved, 
and are not be part of a package of graphics or group of 
graphics that is distributed or sold. 

Please list the following public contact information in the
Jewish Clipart Database:

(required) Full Name: 
(optional) Email Address:
(optional) Company Name: 
(optional) Street Address: 
(optional) City / Town, (State), Country
(optional) County Code + Area Code + Phone number:
(optional) County Code + Area Code + Fax number:
(optional) Web Site Address: http://www.

Note: Website links do not contain any missionary or anti-Jewish 
or anti-Israel material or links of similar nature.

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